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What are lists and how are they useful?
What are lists and how are they useful?

Lists is a great feature, particularly useful for journalists and architects

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BowerBird Lists is a Beta feature which allows user to create lists of:

  • BowerKits

  • Publications

  • People

  • Studios

You can create new lists and view existing lists here:

You can name your list whatever you like, and you can invite others to have access.

For Journalists

Journalists and editors are most likely to use Lists to create lists of project BowerKits. This allows you to create shortlists of projects you like, or projects you plan to feature (‘Issue 4’ or ‘Favourites’ for example). You can do the same for Studios and People that you want to keep track of.

For Architects/Designers

Architects will generally use Lists to create lists of publications and/or journalists.

You can actually use lists of publications within Submission Suggestions. Simply click the ‘load’ button at the top of suggestions and search for an existing ‘Publications’ list. You’ll then be able to load the list in and send – one-to-one – to each contact. Think lists like ‘London home magazines’ or ‘Favourite blogs’. 

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