We currently have a limited number of Categories on BowerBird. 

Top-level Category: 

Architecture (including Interiors)


Residential — New homes, extensions and renovations
Hospitality — Pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants
Retail — Shops and places to buy stuff
Commercial — Offices and places to do business
Education — Schools, universities, childcare and other places of learning
Small projects — Parklets, garages, architecture installations
Large projects — Multi-res, towers, large sporting venues, large hospitals, etc.
Landscape architecture — Gardens and other landscape work
Urban design — City Planning and big ideas

While these categories might feel broad, it's important to pick the category that most closely matches your project. As we'll be using these categories to match your project to the right publications, it pays to get it right.

But my project doesn't fit into these categories

When adding a category to your project, you might struggle to get a perfect match. For example, we don't currently have 'sporting' or 'public architecture'. While we're considering new categories, for the time being if you project doesn't fit perfectly into a category, choose either 'Large projects' or 'Small projects' depending on size.

For example, usually sporting and public architecture fall comfortably into the Large projects category. Publications that publish this category will also invariably publish sporting facilities and public architecture. So it's about getting the match right, rather than having the perfect descriptor for your project.

Remember, the most important thing is to use keywords in your text. This is the most common way that journalists search for projects. 

If you feel that the categories still won't work for your project, please get in touch through our chat box.

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