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Everything you need to know about press kits (BowerKits) on BowerBird

How can I view all of my BowerKits?Where can I find all of my BowerKits?
Do I need to add a photographer to my BowerKits?Adding your photographer will help ensure they get properly credited
Can I upload low-res images?
Uploading VideosHow to upload a video to a BowerKit
What are 'Inactive' BowerKits?What does it mean when a BowerKit is ‘Inactive’?
Access Control is On but I can see my full BowerKit on DiscoverI've turned on Access Control, but I can still see my full BowerKit, does this mean it isn't working?
Can photographers create BowerKits?
How do I share my BowerKit with others?Step-by-step instructions on how to share your BowerKit with other users
How do I delete a BowerKit?
What is a 'Contact Person'?All BowerKits have a ‘Contact Person’, what's this?
Uploading Architectural DrawingsHow to upload architectural plans and drawings
Why doesn't BowerBird allow mass-messaging?You've finished your BowerKit, now you want to send it to every journalist on BowerBird, but it looks like you can't, why?
Should I add all my projects at once?What's the best way to upload my projects to BowerBird?
Can I send a BowerKit to someone who isn't on BowerBird?Short answer: yes. Long answer: it's way more fun to invite them in!
How can I view all access requests?If you have a paid plan, you'll be able to view all your Access Requests in a convenient dashboard
How should I use captions and image titles in BowerKits?Find out the best way to caption your images on BowerBird
Image file namesHow image file names are formatted
How do categories work on BowerBird?We've kept categories high-level so we can match BowerKits to publications without limiting exposure
Why should I keep my BowerKits active?It's important to keep your BowerKits active so you don't miss out on getting published weeks, months, and even years down the track
How do I turn Access Control on?How you can turn Access Control On for a BowerKit
BowerKit viewsControl how your BowerKit is displayed
Can I upload PDFs?Can I upload pdf files to my BowerKits?
Can I upload high-res images?
How many BowerKits should I add?You can add unlimited BowerKits, so why not!?
Deactivate BowerKitsIf you're sure you want to deactivate your BowerKit/s you can learn how to do it here
Uploading images to a BowerKitWhat file formats can you upload to your BowerKits?
Can I change the owner of my BowerKit?
How can I view BowerKit Stats?How to view BowerKit Stats
What does 'Request Access' mean on BowerKits?Do you see a BowerKit that says 'Request Access'? Find out what this means.
What's the difference between 'Inactive' and 'Hidden' BowerKitsLearn the differences between Active, Inactive and Hidden BowerKits
My BowerKit isn’t showing up in Discover, why?
Can I change the Contact Person on my BowerKit?Do you need to change the media contact on your BowerKit? Changing the contact person can be done on the Studio Plan.
What is a hidden BowerKit?The difference between a hidden and unhidden BowerKit, as well as active and inactive.
What are Q&As and why are they important?Q&As will help you tell the story of your project
Downloading images from BowerKitsHow to download images from a BowerKit
How do I activate my BowerKit?You need to activate your BowerKit in order to send it to journalists
How do I add a photographer to my BowerKit?Adding your photographer to your BowerKit is simple and helps to ensure they get credited in any articles
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