What is BowerBird?

How does BowerBird work and what's it all about?

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This is a big question. The simplest explanation is 'BowerBird helps architects and designers to get their work published'.

The idea

It's pretty simple really: architecture journalists need content, and architects have it. BowerBird helps architects and designers tell the stories of their projects.

How we do it

Using what we call BowerKits, you upload all the content journalists need to publish a story, from images (with permission) to project details and Q&As that draw out the story of each project.ย 

We then connect you with the best journalists to share your projects with. You send them the BowerKit right from BowerBird, and if they're interested, they can download and publish. It's a simple as that.

What does it cost?

BowerBird is very reasonably priced for the huge value it can bring to your business. We have different annual plans to suit everyone. Head here to find out more.

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