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How to get your architecture published

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We have a great podcast series to teach you (or your staff) all about how to get architecture published. All the episodes are short and easy to listen to. Add the podcast to your favourite podcast app using the links below.


Season One
E1: Welcome to the BowerBird podcast!
E2: 5 steps to getting architecture published.
E3: 4 mistakes architects make with media.
E4: What’s the purpose of getting architecture published?
E5: How and why to create a media kit for architecture.
E6: Who are the people involved in architectural media?
E7: Different types of architectural publications.
E8: What topics get covered in architectural media?
E9: How to create content that journalists will love.
E10: How to engage an architectural photographer.
E11: Story telling for architects.
E12: How to name your architecture.
E13 How to submit your architecture to journalists.
E14: The lifespan of architecture in the media.
E15: Architecture exclusives.
E16: What types of architecture gets published?
E17: The ROI of getting architecture published.

Season Two
E1: What is BowerBird?
E2: The big idea behind BowerBird
E3: The media plan for architects
E4: Valuing communications staff at an architecture practice
E5: How to brief your architectural photographer
E6: How to get your architecture published in mainstream media
E7: Why get architecture published internationally?
E8: How to recruit and retain staff at architecture practice
E9: How your clients can get your architecture published
E10: Word of mouth is dead for architects

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