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What is a Verified Publication?
What is a Verified Publication?

How do we verify publications, and what does it mean?

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Verified Publications are publications we deem to be of a high standard, with a good audience and good editorial standards.ย 

We verify publications in the following ways:

  • Publication must have a website or digital presence

  • Publication must credit architects, designers, photographers, and other collaborators

  • The publication must have published work in the past 12 months (except for books)

  • The publication must have a primary contact who is a journalist/writer

  • The publication must not be a 'paid editorial' publication (it cannot charge to be included in editorial)

  • The publication must have a focus, or a dedicated section, on architecture, interiors, or other areas of design and creative practice

To continue to be verified, the publication and its staff must:

  • Continue to meet the above verification requirements

  • Adhere to the BowerBird Terms and Conditions

  • Always confirm image usage before publishing

  • Always contact BowerKit owners before publishing

Unfortunately, publications which are yet to be published and have no examples of editorial content cannot be verified.ย 

If you have any questions at all about how to have your publication verified, or you would like to send us a hard copy of your publication, please contact us here.

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