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What do I say to editors/journalists when sending a project?
What do I say to editors/journalists when sending a project?

Follow these guidelines and you'll save yourself time, and you'll be more likely to pique a journalist's interest.

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Perhaps the most asked question on BowerBird is ‘What do I say to editors when submitting a project?'

Because BowerBird improves and personalises the submission process by asking you to send an individual message to each journalist/editor, it can seem daunting when deciding what to write to them. Let us reassure you, it’s not difficult. You just need to keep it short, simple and sweet. 


You really only need one sentence, focussing on what’s most interesting about the project. If it’s a pink houseboat made for a family of clowns, you probably want to lead with that. If you’re finding it hard to decide what this one thing is, just look for the most obvious thing, like ‘this is a renovation of an Edwardian terrace’. You’re just trying to grab their attention with the most important/interesting element. 


There’s no need to write this message like it’s a press release, just one sentence, then let the BowerKit + images do the heavy lifting. Journalists and editors are very busy people, they most likely just want to see the preview of the images, then they can click the link to see more. 

Remember, editors are busy, and they might not always be able to write back, so don’t spend time agonising over a message that might not get a response. 


If you love the publication, if you recall a great article you’ve read, feel free to say so. You’re connecting with a person, remember, so respect their time, and be kind and complimentary. 

While we’d love to give you a template to work from, that would defeat the purpose of a personalised message, so follow the tips above and you’ll be fine! 

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