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Architectural Media 101
Architectural Media 101

Articles to help you become an expert in architectural media

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BowerBird PodcastHow to get your architecture published
Fast to slow media strategyA media strategy for architects and the online world
Who is the primary contact of a publication?Publications have lots of staff, the primary contact makes it easy to send to the right person.

Getting Published

Tips on how to get published

What do I say to editors/journalists when sending a project?Follow these guidelines and you'll save yourself time, and you'll be more likely to pique a journalist's interest.
My photographs are only licensed for web publications, what should I do?What can I do if I have a limited photography license?
Using relevant keywordsMake your BowerKit easier to find by using relevant keywords
If I give a journalist download access, am I giving them permission to publish?It's important to understand that providing download access allows online publications to publish instantly
I’ve sent my BowerKit to a handful of editors, now what?You’ve submitted your BowerKit to journalists. What's next?
What are ‘Submission Suggestions’ and how do they work?Learn who to contact and how BowerBird helps
A journalist downloaded from my BowerKit. What do I do next?A journalist or editor has downloaded your project BowerKit, so what do you do next?
Who should I send my BowerKits to?You can send your BowerKits to anywhere you'd like to be published. However, we've created Submission Suggestions to make this easier.
How many journalists should I contact for my project?
How can I message journalists?
What is the Downloads feature?How do I know if a journalist downloads my images?
How do I know if a journalist has viewed my BowerKit?On the Studio Plan and above, you can see all journalists who've viewed your Kits.
What order should I contact journalists?How should I contact journalists and what's the best order in which to contact them?