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My images aren't uploading
My images aren't uploading

If your images aren't uploading correctly, you should check these things first

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You're trying to upload images into your BowerKit, but they aren't uploading correctly, so what should you do?

File type

BowerBird only supports uploads of .jpg image files. If you're uploading in .tiff .gif or other file types, your images may not upload correctly. Convert them to .jpg and your issue should be resolved.

PDFs are not currently supported. Please convert to .jpg and upload.

File size

If your images are larger than 30MB each, you may have trouble uploading them. Generally speaking, 30MB should be large enough for every publication. If you need to upload larger images, please contact us.

Image Processing

If you see the message 'image processing', this means the BowerBird system is processing the different file sizes. If you're still seeing this after several hours, please contact us.

If you're having any other issues not listed, please contact support straight away.

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