A good BowerKit should include architectural drawings (plans and elevations) that publications can use in their stories. In this post, we outline best practices for preparing your architectural drawings for publication. 

What drawings to include?

You want to include drawings that tell a story:

  • Plans

  • Site plan with a north point (the north point is important for some publications)

  • Elevations

  • Sections

  • Details of special elements in the project (e.g., a unique stair)


Your typical architectural drawings will have too much detail for publications, and the line weight will be too thin. Some publications will format your images, but it's better to provide architectural drawings that are ready to use.

There's lots of ways to style drawings, but here's a few tips:

  • Simplify the drawings. 

  • Remove unwanted annotations and dimensions. 

  • Add a scale.

  • Use a legend instead of notes.

  • Make walls solid black.

  • Add people to drawings for scale.

  • Add a very thick ground line for sections. 

  • Make it easy to Photoshop out unwanted elements like labels, trees and site boundaries (avoid overlapping elements).   

Example: Little Cover Beach House by David Teeland


  • Upload JPG images. Currently, BowerBird doesn't support PDF files, please upload JPG instead.

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