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How do I upload a profile picture?
How do I upload a profile picture?

I want to upload a profile photo. How do I do it?

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Welcome to BowerBird! 😃 We’re so happy to have you as part of the BowerBird community. Now that you have successfully created a profile, what’s next?

Let’s start by uploading a profile photo.

Why should I? Well, it’s very important so that people can find you and they know there’s a real person behind the name. In fact, if you don't have a profile picture, you won't show up on Discover at all!

By default, all users will have an avatar with a bag over its head.

To upload or update your profile picture, simply log in to BowerBird and head to your dashboard.

Scroll down to your avatar and click “Choose image”.

Select your desired photo or headshot after the system prompt and hit “open”. Voilà, you’re good to go!

Please note the profile picture needs to be a square image and preferably a photo of your lovely face.

Don’t forget to add more details such as your location and a brief description about what you do. You can even link your social media accounts. A completed profile will look like this:

Remember, you can always update your profile any time you like.

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