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Why do I need a profile picture?
Why do I need a profile picture?

Why you need a profile picture, and why it should be a photo of your lovely face

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BowerBird is sort of like a social network around a very specific task; getting architecture published.

Because it's social by nature, we strongly recommend adding a photo of your face. This helps to build rapport with other users, and helps you get noticed.

But I'm kinda shy, what's the benefit?

There are several benefits to adding your profile photo (and making it a face).

  • People Can't Find You: Only profiles with photos will show up in Discover. This means you'll only be seen by other users if you have a profile photo added. And those who use their face get far more follows than those who don't (getting follows will become more important as we develop the platform, so get in early!)

  • Make an Impression: Profiles with photos make Messages feel more personal, helping you to build lasting relationships with journalists and other architects

  • Represent: When you are added to a publication, studio, or company profile, your profile image will be included, this ensures you're representing your studio or publication in the best light

To upload or update your profile picture, simply log in, head to your dashboard and scroll over the little avatar with a bag over its head, you can then upload a headshot. 

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