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How do I know if a journalist has viewed my BowerKit?
How do I know if a journalist has viewed my BowerKit?

On the Studio Plan and above, you can see all journalists who've viewed your Kits.

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If you’re on the Studio, Medium, or Enterprise Plans, you will be able to see if someone you’ve sent your BowerKit to has viewed your project. 

Just head to your BowerKit and hit the 'Submit' button. On the right-hand side (Desktop), you'll see each person you've submitted your BowerKit to. Beside each name you'll see if they have been 'Sent' the BowerKit, if they have 'Viewed', if you are 'Messaging', or if they have 'Downloaded'. 

It’s worth following up with journalists who have viewed your BowerKit by clicking on 'View Messages' next to their name and sending a polite follow-up message.

If you’re on the Studio Plan or above, you will also be able to see who has viewed your BowerKit even if you haven’t sent them messages. Simply click on the burger icon (menu) on the right-hand side of your BowerKit, then click 'Journalist Views':

You'll then see a list of all the journalists who've viewed your project, even if you didn't send it to them directly. You can reach out to them, by clicking 'Contact' next to their name, to see if they are interested in publishing. These follow-up messages can be all it takes to pique their interest.

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