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How do I credit content?
How do I credit content?

Attribution. Attributing. Giving credit. Acknowledgements. Credit where credit's due. These are things we care about at BowerBird.

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‘Credit where credit’s due’ is one of our guiding principles on BowerBird. We believe
everyone has a right to be credited for their work. 

Who can I credit?

  • Photographers

  • People (architects, drafts-people etc)

  • Project team (engineers, builders and other companies)

If you need to credit additional people, add them to the description text of your BowerKit.

How do I credit someone?

Click the Add button above each section and search for the person/studio you want to credit. If they don't exist, invite the user into BowerBird or create a new studio. Each user you add will be sent an alert, but unless they are added as the contact person they will not have edit access to your BowerKit. 

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