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How to create your first BowerKit?
How to create your first BowerKit?

Learn about creating a BowerKit

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Creating a BowerKit is a very easy and straightforward process. Once you have all the information about your project, all you need to do is upload it on BowerBird.

Watch this step-by-step video tutorial on how to create a BowerKit.

To create a new BowerKit, please click here.

The first thing you need to do is give it a name and choose the category that best fits your project.

Then, you’ll just need to add content as you go. Here are some key points:

Cover image: this will be the first picture people will see from your BowerKit. Choose a photograph that best represents your project; this will make journalists want to know more.

Project description: the basics of your project; the who, what, where, when, and why. Don’t know what to write? Click here for help.

The Q&A section is helpful for providing more information about your project. You can use our suggestions or create your own questions.

Project team: this is where you add your studio and credit anyone who contributed to the project. Don’t forget to give credit where credit’s due.

Contact person: the user who will be receiving all messages regarding the BowerKit. By default, the contact person is the creator of the BowerKit. However, this can be changed at any moment.

Details: you don’t need to fill out everything here, but this information can help more journalists to find your BowerKit.

Photographer: you have credited the project team, now it’s time to credit your photographer/s. This is a very important step since you won’t be able to activate your BowerKit without a photographer.

Images and drawings: you can upload your images directly from your computer or from Dropbox. Be sure to have professional photographs of your project!

Videos: you can upload a video url from Vimeo or YouTube.

Now you’re ready to Activate your BowerKit and start getting published!

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