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What is Edit Access?
What is Edit Access?

This will allow you to manage a BowerKit as a project member.

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Edit Access allows another user full access to edit your project. It’s important to note this level of access should only be given to trusted users (studio members) because they will be able to delete your BowerKit, which can’t be undone.

You can give a user Edit Access from your BowerKit’s Access Control side bar: go to your BowerKit, click the burger icon (on the right corner of your screen) and choose Access control.

You can also click on the Manage access button.

Scroll down to Edit Access and click Add Project Member.

To add a user, key in their name and click Add.

When you add a project member, their names will be displayed. By default, the system will assign them as 'Member'.

Once you've added your team member, the BowerKit will appear on their profile. They can now edit the BowerKit.

Learn more about what is Access Control and collaborating with team members on your BowerKits.

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