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Can multiple photographers be credited?
Can multiple photographers be credited?

Crediting multiple architectural photographers on BowerBird is simple

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You can add multiple photographers to a BowerKit. When more than one photographer is added, you are able to credit each individual image. This makes it clear who photographed what. 

To add photographers, head to the BowerKit, scroll down to the 'Photographer' section. Click 'Add photographer' or 'Add studio'. Once you've added your photographer or their studio profile, refresh the BowerKit. You'll then be able to use the dropdown on each image to credit the individual photographer. We also recommend adding the photographer credit to the image captions.

Individual image credits

When an individual image is credited, the photographer's name is listed next to the image and will be included in the file name when downloaded.

Power User Tip

If you only have one photographer credited, you won't be able to see the dropdown on each image to credit them. However, if you want the image credit to be added to each image, try adding your own studio as the second photographer (see video above). This will trigger the dropdown to appear. Refresh your BowerKit, then remove your studio from the 'Photographer' section. The dropdown will remain, which means you can select the photographer, and each image will include the credit in its filename. Yay!

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