When a journalist downloads images from a BowerKit, the images are renamed. This is to make it easier for journalists to manage images. For example, if downloading images for 3 projects, it is useful to know which image belongs to which project. Likewise, when multiple photographers have been credited in a BowerKit, it's useful to append each image with the correct photographer's name.   

Standard format

The standard format will include a zip file with a folder of images named in the following way:

Folder name: [BowerKit name][resolution]
File name: [Image ID].[file type]

e.g., Hello House low res images / 21.jpg

Additional information

Additional information is added to an image file name when:

  •  An Image is named. e.g., front elevation 

  • An individual image has a photographer attributed. 

e.g., 21_front_elevation_jane_smith.jpg

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