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What can I do to get an invitation to BowerBird?
What can I do to get an invitation to BowerBird?

BowerBird is currently invite-only, so not everyone is able to register, but there are things you can do to help us assess your registration

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BowerBird is currently invite-only, so not everyone registering will be successful, but there are things you can do to help us assess your registration.

With a new platform like BowerBird, it is important that we assess new users to ensure they get the most from the tools we provide. The last thing we want is to have someone subscribe and not get any value. 

Assessing your Portfolio

When assessing a portfolio of work, we're looking for three key criteria:

  1. Publishability: we have a solid idea of what will and won't get published. Don't worry though, this isn't a value judgement, and we are happy to provide advice on how to improve your projects' publishability.

    **We are not currently accepting registrations for certain project types (for which we do not have publications that will publish those types). Please don't be offended should your project type not be accepted, this is simply about ensuring the projects match with the publications; again, it is not a value judgement.

  2. Built Work: we currently only accept practices with built work, as the opportunities for unbuilt work are few and far between. If you have unbuilt work that you think could get published, email us here with a link or images.

  3. Professional Photography: you must have professional (or very high quality) images of your work.

Things you can do

There are several things you can do to ensure you get an invitation to BowerBird:

  1. Make sure your portfolio is up to date, or send us a sample of a recent project to 

  2. Get professional photography taken. This is essential. Without it, you're very unlikely to get published (some exceptions exist, so email us if you're unsure).

  3. Read our blog. You'll find heaps of great info on how to get published and the things you can do to improve your storytelling and photography.

Don't Fret

We're here to help. If your work doesn't meet our requirements, you can still reach out to us here and we can help you out with some tips and further explanation. You're part of our tribe, and we care about you and your success.

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