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What plans are there?
What plans are there?

What are the available plans on BowerBird, and which one’s the right fit for you?

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In order to contact journalists and get published, you will need to subscribe to BowerBird here.

If you’re confused about our existing plans and don’t know which one’s the right fit for your studio, you should take a look at the table below. In it, you’ll see the differences between each of our currently available plans. All of these (except the Free Plan) are billed annually.

In addition to these, we also have the Complimentary Plan, which is given to team members in Medium Practice Plans and above. This will give them full access to the studio’s subscription, including the ability to activate BowerKits and manage Access Control.

NOTE: BowerBird’s plans have evolved over the years. If you subscribed some time ago, you may be on a plan that no longer exists, or you might be getting billed monthly.

You can find more information on each plan by following their links:

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