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What is the Multi-studio Enterprise Plan?What is the Multi-studio Enterprise Plan and how do I apply?
What happens when I cancel my account?We understand that BowerBird might not be the best option for you right now. Here's what will happen if you unsubscribe
Can I pause my subscription?Will I be able to return to my subscription if I cancel?
Can I download/ view my invoice?To download/ view my invoice or receipt/s
How do I remove my credit card information?Manage the payment information that you’re using
What is the Free Plan?What does it mean to be on the Free Plan?
What is the Complimentary Plan?What is the Complimentary Plan and how do I get one?
How do I find my subscription plan?How can I see my subscription status?
We have a paid subscription but why do I see an option to upgrade when I want to activate my BowerKit?I’m already on a paid plan but can’t activate a BowerKit.
How can I update my invoice?I need to change the details on my invoice. How do I do it?
BowerBird Subscription
What is the Medium Practice Plan?What is the Medium Practice Plan and is it right for you?
What plans are there?What are the available plans on BowerBird, and which one’s the right fit for you?
Declined credit card chargeWhy is my credit card declined?
What is the Emerging Practice Program (AKA The Starving Architect Program)?This plan is designed for new practices with little experience of getting published.
What is the Enterprise Plan?What is the Enterprise Plan and is it right for you?
What is the Studio Plan?What is the Studio Plan, and is it right for you?
What currencies does BowerBird support?
Can I change my credit card details?Has your credit card expired, been lost or stolen? You can easily update your details to avoid interruptions to your BowerBird account
How do I change my plan?How to upgrade or downgrade your BowerKit account/plan/subscription
BowerBird Lite PlanWhat is the BowerBird Lite Plan, and is it right for you?
How do I cancel my paid subscription/account (unsubscribe)?BowerBird might not always be the right fit, so if you'd like to unsubscribe or cancel your subscription follow these steps
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