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What is the Enterprise Plan?
What is the Enterprise Plan?

What is the Enterprise Plan and is it right for you?

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The Enterprise Plan on BowerBird is for practices with 30 or more staff with only one studio location. It is designed for large studios/companies who want several staff members to manage their BowerKits.

It comes with some other great features:

  • Use Bowerbird as your media centre

  • Unlimited Active BowerKits

  • Team Access — Assign unlimited team members to manage BowerKits

  • Access control — Approve journalists before they can download content

  • Journalist Views — See which journalists have viewed your projects

  • BowerKit View Stats

  • Download Stats

  • All new features as they are released

  • Change Contact Person on BowerKits

  • Enterprise Support 

  • Enterprise training available (contact us for pricing)  

  • Import of existing projects available (contact us for pricing) 

Is it right for you?

  • Do you have more than 30 staff?

  • Do you need to control access — for exclusives, or for sensitive content?

  • Do you need multiple team members to manage projects?

  • Do you want better data on which journalists are viewing and downloading content?

If the answer to any of the above is 'Yes', then the Enterprise Plan is right for you.

Get started on the Enterprise Plan now.

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