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What is the Complimentary Plan?
What is the Complimentary Plan?

What is the Complimentary Plan and how do I get one?

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The Complimentary Plan is exclusively available for the Medium Practice and Enterprise Plans. It is designed for larger practices who will have multiple staff members managing their BowerBird subscription.

If requested, the Complimentary Plan might be given to team members and provide them with special access to the same features as the subscription owner, making it easy to use Bowerbird as the studio’s media centre.

With the Complimentary Plan, team members can:

  • Activate and manage BowerKits

  • Manage Access control (approve journalists before they can download content)

  • Keep track of project downloads and stats

  • Change Contact Person on BowerKits

  • Email + Chat Support

If you wish for your studio members to get Complimentary Plans, get started on the Medium Practice or Enterprise Plans now.

To learn more about working in teams on BowerBird, you can visit:

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Or you can always reach out to us through the chat box on the bottom right ⤵️

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