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What is Access Control?
What is Access Control?

How to control access to your BowerKits and give users edit access

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Available for Studio, Medium, and Enterprise Plans, Access Control provides more clarity for Journalists, Editors and BowerKit Owners.

Watch this video to learn more about Access Control.

For BowerKit Owners

Once turned on, Access Control will put your BowerKit into ‘Preview Mode’, giving you one-on-one control over access. 

Please note that as the owner of the BowerKit, your projects will always show as 'View' for you. Everyone else will see 'Request Access'.

Turn Access Control on by visiting the Edit tab of your BowerKit. Any user viewing the kit will have the opportunity to Request Access. You can then control their level of access, giving them:

  • View Only Access: this allows the user to view the full BowerKit, but image downloads will be blocked

  • Low-res Access: this gives the user full view access and access to low-resolution image downloads

  • Hi-res Access: this gives the user full view access and access to high-resolution image downloads

  • Edit Access: this will give the user full access to edit your project — only give this level of access to trusted users as they will be able to delete your BowerKit, which cannot be undone

For Journalists and Editors

Journalists will now see a new-look Discover section. There are now two options for viewing BowerKits: ‘View’ and ‘Request Access’

If you see a ‘View’ button, you’ll be able view the full BowerKit, contact the BowerKit Contact Person, and potentially download images.

If a BowerKit has Access Control turned on, you’ll be able to hit the ‘Request Access’ button. This will send an alert to the BowerKit Owner, inviting them to give you access.

When trying to download content, you will receive a warning if you do not have Download Access, and you’ll be asked to send a further request.

When access is granted for a BowerKit, you will receive an email alert.

BETA: Access Requests Dashboard

We have created a new Access Requests Dashboard, which allows you to review Access Requests across all of your uploaded projects. 

If you have any feedback on this feature, please email

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