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Collaborating with other users on a BowerKit

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If you have an office with multiple people creating and editing BowerKits, here is what we suggest:

Get one person to create all BowerKits

This keeps all your BowerKits connected to one person. This is typically the person with a paid account. Unless you're on an Enterprise Plan or Medium Practice Plan, only they will be able to activate BowerKits, so they become the guardian of all things that will be released to the media.ย 

If you're on the Enterprise or Medium Plan and want a staff member to manage your media, contact BowerBird support and we will give them special access to allow them to activate BowerKits on your behalf.ย 

Give edit access to other people

If you are on the Studio Plan, or above, your 'guardian' will be able to use Access Control. This allows you to give different levels of access to people you choose on each BowerKit. To do this, follow these steps:ย 

  • Edit your BowerKit

  • Click on the Manage Access button (right-hand column):

  • Click Add Access:

  • Search for the person and click 'add':

  • Choose access level (edit access to give access):

N.B. While not recommended, if you wish to have access to all messages that are sent, you will need to share your login details with the trusted members of your team. Again, this is not recommended, but is currently the only way to share/see all messages.

Can multiple users get notifications?

Unfortunately it isn't currently possible to send notifications to multiple email addresses. However, you may be able to use tools such as Gmail to forward a copy of emails to another email address. The email address that notifications come from is
โ€‹, so you can use this to create a filter and forward emails to another recipient

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