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What is Download Access?
What is Download Access?

Add or approve access request to download a BowerKit

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Journalists that have requested access to view your BowerKit will appear here.

You can give a user Download Access from your BowerKit’s Access Control side panel. Select your BowerKit and click the burger icon (on the right corner of your screen) and choose Access control, or you can click on the Manage access button.

You can control the level of access you give to journalists by selecting an option from the dropdown menu:

· View Only Access: users can view the full BowerKit, but image downloads will be blocked
· Low-res Access: users get full view access and access to low-resolution image downloads
· Hi-res Access: users get full view access and access to high-resolution image downloads (good for print publications)
· Request rejected: user won’t be able to view or download. If you would like to reject an access request, it's good practice to first send a message letting them know why you're rejecting their request

Journalists you've submitted your BowerKit will also appear on this panel.

Read more about what level of access should I give a journalist through Access Control here.

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