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Make your BowerKit easier to find by using relevant keywords

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Sometimes journalists search for projects with a specific theme in mind. They do this from Discover where they type different words about what they're looking for (e.g., sustainability, steel, wood, garden, etc).

This is why it's important to include relevant keywords in your BowerKit that tell a story about the most important features of the project. It could be something about the materials used (wood, iron, bamboo), particular parts of the project (garden, staircase, public plaza), or some special characteristic about it (passive house, carbon neutral, etc); basically anything that makes your project unique.

You can include keywords in the title, in the description, in Q+As, or even as #hashtags at the end of the description – this will help our journalists find your projects faster.

If you’re struggling with writing a description, you can check out this article.

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