So, you've received an Access Request from a user on BowerBird. What next?

Firstly, if you haven't already got a paid plan, you'll need to do that here.

Next, you'll need to Activate your BowerKit.

Then simply send a message to the user by searching for their name or publication. They'll also get an alert when you activate the BowerKit.

'But I'm already on a paid plan'

Perhaps you're on the Personal Plan, but you have 4 BowerKits with only 3 active. The fourth BowerKit will show as ‘Request Access’ for journalists. When they click this, it sends you an email asking you to activate the kit and provide access.

There’s two options with how to do this:

  1. Upgrade to the Studio Plan (with all it’s awesome benefits, including Journalist View Stats, Access Control and 10 BowerKits)

  2. Deactivate another BowerKit and activate the one with Access Requests (less ideal, but great for the budget-conscious 😉)

Once you’ve activated the BowerKit, you’ll be able to contact the requester directly through the platform as normal.

I'm already on the Studio Plan or higher

On the Studio Plan and higher, you're able to activate Access Control. Head to our support page here to learn more about this.

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