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What topics get covered through BowerBird?
What topics get covered through BowerBird?

What types of architecture projects get published through BowerBird?

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Here is an overview of what types of architectural projects/stories get the most coverage across the 400+ publications that are included in the BowerBird database.

Primary topics

The vast majority of coverage will be contemporary project stories about new work by architects, or interior designers.ย 

  • Contemporary architecture

  • Houses

  • Interiors

  • Large projects (education, public, stadiums, apartments)

  • Sustainability projects

Lesser covered topics

These topics do get covered from time to time, but to a much lesser extent.

  • Un-built works

  • Architecture news

  • Architecture software

  • Projects by building designers

Topics that don't get covered

There's probably a publication for every type of project out there, but we find the publications on BowerBird don't cover the following topics unless there is something new, or contemporary about them. ย 

  • Country style homes

  • Mass produced homes

  • Heritage projects

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