Many architects have static spreadsheets with journalist emails. BowerBird improves on this in three main ways:

1. It’s Live: Because each person on BowerBird is a ‘user’, they can create their own accounts and take them with them when they change roles. This means BowerBird keeps your list of journalists up to date, so you don’t have to.

2. Tracking: When you send your projects to journalists, you’ll see if they’ve read your message, and if they’ve viewed the BowerKit. You’ll also get alerts when journalists download images.

3. Discover: Using a spreadsheet to send projects to journalists means they’ll only see your project once. BowerBird allows journalists to log in and browse/search for projects, which means they could see your project several times, increasing the chances that they’ll publish.

There are many other benefits to using BowerBird, but these are the main improvements upon maintaining your own database.

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