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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I update my user type?How do I edit my user type?
What are the benefits of getting published?
I want to join BowerBird to download a project but I’m not an architect, designer or journalist.
Why am I not showing up on Discover?
What are the different types of users on BowerBird?
Can I delete my user profile?I want to remove my user profile from BowerBird
How can architects + designers get more out of BowerBird?So you've been using BowerBird for a while now, but you're wondering how you can optimise your account. We've got some great hacks!
Invite someone new into BowerBirdHow to add new users to BowerBird
What topics get covered through BowerBird?What types of architecture projects get published through BowerBird?
What is our Chat Support and when is it active?How can I contact BowerBird?
How do I confirm my account?Did someone invite you to BowerBird a while ago, and you forgot to confirm your account? We've got you covered
How do I edit my profile?Find out how to Edit your profile, including your description, photo, and user type
What is a 'verified journalist'?Verified journalists are able to download images from your BowerKits and have gone through a manual vetting process
Should I contact journalists more than once?
I have a spreadsheet of journalist contacts, why would I use BowerBird?
Can I change my password?Yes, you can change your password.
Can I change my account email?Sometimes you need to update your account email. Here's how
Can I reset my password?
I’m not receiving email alertsHave you stopped receiving emails from BowerBird? Find out what's happening. It could be notification settings, or something at your end.
I can’t access my account
How do I reply to messages?How messages work on BowerBird
Can I change my account name?Change your account name and description
How can I add a publication that isn’t on BowerBird yet?How to add a new publication that isn't on BowerBird.
Do I need professional photography?Should you hire a professional photographer to photograph your work?
My invitation to BowerBird has expiredYou can trigger an email to re-send your BowerBird invitation