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How can architects + designers get more out of BowerBird?
How can architects + designers get more out of BowerBird?

So you've been using BowerBird for a while now, but you're wondering how you can optimise your account. We've got some great hacks!

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BowerBird, like any platform, requires you to remain active to get the most from it. If you started out adding a couple of projects, got some early success, but are now twiddling your thumbs, here are some golden tips: 

  • Submission Suggestions

    Use our Submission Suggestions engine to find new publications to send your projects to. Don't be too picky, you should send to as many publications as you can, and don't be afraid to follow up on those you've already submitted to.

  • Journalist Views

    Take a look at the 'Journalist Views' tabs on your BowerKits. You'll be able to spot journalists who have taken interest, then follow up to see if they'd like to know more. If you have Access Control turned on, make sure you give these journalists access first, so they can take action straight away.

  • Upload More Projects

    You have Unlimited BowerKits, which means you should upload any project from your portfolio that you'd like to get more out of—even the old ones. If you need help putting your BowerKits together, reach out to our team through the chat box on any page. Remember to send your projects out using Submission Suggestions!

  • Check your Access Requests Dashboard

    We've got a Beta feature called the Access Requests Dashboard. This will show you all the journalists that are still waiting to gain access to your projects/BowerKits. Make sure you've responded to everyone.

  • Reach out to us

    We're here to help you get the most from your account. BowerBird isn't a faceless DIY platform, we have a highly skilled team who can provide advice, and help you to get your projects out there. Lean on us! The fastest way to do this is through the Chat Box.

If you can follow these steps (and 'rinse & repeat'), you should have all the hacks you need to get the most from the platform. 

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