So you want to send your BowerKit to someone who isn't on the platform? 

Sending your BowerKit to a Journalist who isn't on BowerBird

If they are a journalist, and their publication isn't yet on BowerBird, please send us a message to and also suggest their publication here. We need to know if you've added a new journalist so we can verify them and link them up to their publications.

Not a Journalist

You should invite them in. The best way to ensure they get instant access is to invite them as a user first (so they don't have to do it themselves):

Once you've added them, you'll be able to use Access Control to give them View, Download, or Edit access.

NB: If you don't invite them in, it may take several days for them to get access, you don't want that!

I don't want to invite them in

Please note, if you don't invite someone into BowerBird, they will need to register themselves and be approved by our team before they get access. This could take some time, so it's always best to invite them in.

If your BowerKit has Access Control set to 'Off', then you can send them a direct link by copying it from the sidebar of the BowerKit's edit tab: 

You can then send them the link and they'll be able to see the contents of the BowerKit. If your BowerKit has Access Control 'On', they will only see a cover image.

Of course, if you have any issues, you can contact us through our web chat or on  

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