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What are 'Inactive' BowerKits?
What are 'Inactive' BowerKits?

What does it mean when a BowerKit is ‘Inactive’?

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There’s different states that your BowerKit can have. You can learn more about this here.

When you create a new BowerKit, it will remain Inactive until you Activate it. In order to do so, you will need to have a paid subscription on BowerBird.

So what does ‘Inactive’ mean?

These are the main characteristics of Inactive BowerKits:

  • They cannot be sent to journalists.

  • You cannot send or receive messages through inactive BowerKits.

  • No one will be able to view or download your kits; even with direct links.

  • They will show on Discover.

  • They will appear on users’ and studios’ profiles.

To other users, it will look like your inactive BowerKits have Access Control turned On, and they will be able to ‘Request Access’. If you don’t want this to happen, or if you want to prevent your BowerKits from showing on Discover or on profile pages, you can Hide them.

If you’re on the Free Plan, all your BowerKits will be Inactive. Only users with a paid subscription or on a Complimentary Plan will be able to Activate BowerKits.

If you have more questions, or need help subscribing, you can get in touch with us through the chat box on the bottom right. ⤵️

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